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  Happy dragon boat festival

  Tomorrow is dragon boat festival, I and father mother go together Woerma goes buying a zhongzi.

  Arrive Woerma, I run to look for a zhongzi with respect to rapid ground. Wow! Here huge crowd of people, really lively. Well? How is that place person special much? Taking away doubt I looked in the past after all. Oh! Buy a zhongzi so, the zhongzi breed here is really too much: Of beef stuffing, of red jujube stuffing, of chop stuffing, of earthnut stuffing... my what look saliva should flow. Took a bag rapidly, say to mom: "Mom, I like to eat fresh chopped meat, I should be bought more a few. " mom nods express to agree, then I bought the zhongzi of a lot of fresh chopped meat.

  Buy a zhongzi, we bought a lot of things again, have a meal in hall of Xiang Shang coffee next, had eaten a meal, we came home cheerfully, really happy today!

  Look! This is the zhongzi that I buy, but delicious!



  I what busied one day, the body that dragging exhaustion sits silently on the balcony to syare blankly, come stealthily towards evening, late wind slowly had blown, left the cool trace of filar silk. But the balcony that also cannot bake sun broil hair is very hotly is wrapped cool. Dark, bird is less and less also, the damage that a string of bird left in the sky cries. The sun that worked one day also took off coverall, it is no longer in that way dazzling. The tender broadness that the sun that changes new clothes also changes is elegant, lovely. Tell the truth the sun can be met really choose color. The clothes that you see her wear is much more beautiful, red is blaze that one the most beautiful one color in the layer. Withered and yellow is squashy orange just was picked on the tree that orange is yellow. Foil in so beautiful color the cheek that issued arch to give a piece of peaceful. She seems to be being monitored by others same, stealthily move is moving pace, appear that kind is lightsome. Knowing at this moment is who is make a practical joke, in her that is high and scatter on luxuriant clothes went up prepared Chinese ink makes her dress becomes bit more full of stains or spots, ased if to throw one Jiao in wallow. Right now she is like a girl bashful and same, blush so that resemble squashy persimmon. Perhaps she feels embarrassed to used white gauze cloak to live then half face. Passed for ages, perhaps be she feels to be done so also of no help cowardly cowardly ground comes out to appear that kind is bashful. Then she thinks 36 plan -- go for the best thing to do, be smooth! Apparent its speed appears than a moment ago much faster, she is floating die of small blush Pang is in then later hilltop. The sky appears deserted. Again scan widely hopes horizon appeared again her form, hey! How be like two different people with foregoing the setting sun, move close to again look, it is the moon that Yin Guangshan shows so. Dark, appear soundless in that way all around.







  On behalf of my school holiday to all my classmates congratulations, I wish everyone a happy holiday!

  I also take this opportunity to all the teachers to express my heartfelt thanks and highest respect. Your teacher is not only respected, it is hard gardener. Love your school such as home, such as sub-LOVE-sheng; diligent, hard working; teaching and selfless dedication. You create a beautiful environment, you create a good quality, for your development and growth of the School to create a good foundation and conditions.

  Students, "61" you are most happy holiday, "61" is also our most happy day. Since:

  You are the baby home, it is the hope of home. Happiness can you grow up on the home is full of singing and laughing. Children are your schools, it is hoped that the School. You can develop a comprehensive school full of vigor and vitality. You are the future of society, it is the community's aspirations. You can harmonious development of society on the passion and friendship. The flowers are your homeland, it is the hope of the motherland. You can grow up healthy and strong, full of beautiful homeland and hope.

  I hope the students: a civilized, studious, independent, co-operation. Study Institute, Institute of Living, learning life, learning to create. As rich as an adult sense of responsibility, rich sense of mission, a dignified life, serious work, study happily, growth. Love for the motherland, love the party, love the people, love nature, love life, love science, love learning, love of labor. Cherish life, cherish the time and treasure friendship, cherish the opportunity to study and development. Show concern for the environment, concerned about the collective, caring for others. Dear teachers, classmates United, courtesy others; distinguish between right and wrong, identify the beauty and ugliness, man of integrity. Make an ideal long-term, dignified behavior, learning and good mental and physical health of the successors of the communist cause.

  I hope teachers: work, love health, rigorous inquiry. Comprehensively implement the party's education policy, teaching, education simultaneously Friday. Firmly establish a sense of service, quality awareness and quality consciousness. For every student, an educational treasure every opportunity to better each lesson, do everything to promote the health of every student, harmonious, all-round development. Of life for the students lay a solid foundation for development.








  作文之祖国在我心中 作文之祖国在我心中(带翻译)

  Everyone has their own country, perhaps in your mind, is a great country it is warm. Yes, in my mind, the motherland is our backbone.

   When at 2:28 p.m. on May 12, 2008. An earthquake, and suddenly all local Shanbengdilie,. A primary school and a kindergarten at the same time not far from being razed to the ground. Is full of cries, there are more than 800 parents cried in their own hands Grilled ruins! "Where a cadre in the village!" Parents are angry asks. A cadre shouted: "I am the village cadres, my own son at the bottom with you is more concerned about saving their own children, Whose children are saved without it." Hardly faded from the parents line up a team and consciously. Wait for rescue. In a few days, the rescue team saved a few of the 70 children, buried several village cadres. A cadre recalls, buried so many people, small children, themselves do not care to save, and they decided to save the smallest. It made me very moved, but also let me know the backbone of our country, if not mother nurture so many outstanding cadres to rescue us, we can see this beautiful world?

   Of the motherland, ah! The motherland, you really like a mother呀! , I will never forget you, I will reward you well!



  本文是一篇高三寒假英语作文,题目为newspaper and computer,文章表达了作者对网络的喜爱之情,下面就让我们一起来欣赏全文吧!

  高三寒假英语作文:newspaper and computer(带翻译)

  as the development of the internet, the traditional way of reading daily news has been challenged, more and more people trend to read news online, while still some people insist on reading it on the newspaper. people argue which is the best way for reading news, in my opinion, there is no best way, different people choose different manner.


  reading news online is fast and paying for free. most young people get used to it, they use the computer every day, so that they count on the computer to receive the all kinds of information. reading the newspaper is troublesome, they don’t like to hold the paper, it is not convenient.


  while still many people like to read on the newspaper. especially the old generation, before the popularity of computer, they read the news from the newspaper, they get used to this manner, even the computer is convenient, they just like to keep this habit.


  the ways to read news are various, there is no need to compare them. i’d prefer to read it on the internet, but sometimes i find reading it newspaper brings me fun when i have breakfast.


  以上就为大家提供的高三寒假英语作文:newspaper and computer,更多精彩内容尽在【高中频道】,加入我们吧!


  本文是一篇高中三年级寒假英语,题目为learn to give up,文章表达了作者对学会放弃的喜爱之情,下面就让我们一起来欣赏全文吧!

  高中三年级寒假英语作文:learn to give up(带翻译)

  when we encourage people, we will always tell them not to give up, they can be successful if they insist. “never give up” have been the inspiring words, people accept them as the positive life attitude. however, sometimes if people insist all the time and never change, these inspiring words are not wise to keep.


  people should learn to give up sometimes. parents think study is very important, so they ask their kids to insist to learn and go to college. but the fact is that not all the kids are good at study, some kids are not interested in study, they are good at other things. parents should not push their children to go to college, the kids can learn the things they are good at, like cooking, amending cars and so on. going to college is not the only way to be successful, learning the practical skills also makes them successful.


  people must know clearly what they are insisting, if they keep the right direction, they should insist, but if they keep the wrong direction, they need to give up and open another new chapter of their lives.


  以上就为大家提供的高中三年级寒假英语作文:learn to give up,更多精彩内容尽在【高中频道】,加入我们吧!


   Long for ah long for, longed for annual 61 Children's Festivals eventually. 61 Children's Festivals are the red-letter day that the child likes most arrived one day that, what everybody dresses up is beautiful, wearing oneself new clothes and new trousers to come to the school. The school prepares the program of garden party for us, the blind feels tail of ball, picture, 2 people 3 sufficient etc. I played the blind to feel a ball, the teacher binds my eye, next, I go by to be patted with the hand all the time, oh, do not pat, but, the teacher also gives me a gift. I am much happier! Finally, the teacher calls us to return a class had sat to send a gift to give us in the room, we receive the laugh with the happy gift that the teacher sends. 61 Children's Festivals are how happy! I if only 61 Children's Festivals should open many play again.


  Children's Day

   On June 1st day, all children are very happy. On that day ,we don't go to school.Most of the children will go to the park. In the park, some children are flying kites, some are playing football, and some are playing a game.In the sky,there are a lot of kites.But there is only once a year we will have this happy festival.I think Children's Day is the most important holiday for the children.Because everybody has fun on that day!