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  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇1


  Dragon Boat Festival is an ancient traditional festivals, began in the Spring and Autumn period, has been 2000 years of history. Dragon Boat Festival originated from Qu Yuan's story: Qu Yuan advocated by the virtuous and Empowerment, Fuguoqiangbing, advocated joint Qi Kang Qin, it was noble son of Lan and others strongly opposed, the result being greedy Qu Yuan has resigned, and was driven out of capital, exiled to Yuan, Xiang River. 278 BC, the Qin break Chu Kyoto. Qu Yuan saw their country invaded, Xinrudaoge, but still could not bear to give up their own country, in the May 5, the pen never wrote a "Huaisha", the bouldering vote Miluo River body death, taking our own lives composed a magnificent song of patriotism movement. Legend of Qu Yuan's death, the state of Chu people abnormal grief, have rushed to pay tribute to Qu Yuan Miluo River. Fishermen are drawn from the vessel, in the river salvage his real body back and forth. One fisherman come prepared for Qu Yuan's rice balls, eggs and other food, "thump, thump" land thrown into the river, saying it was fed to fish, crab, lobster, they will not bite Qu doctor's health. People see below followed suit. An old doctor was brought an altar Announcements, updates, poured into the river, saying that the water should be drug halo dragon beast, so as not to hurt the doctor bent. Later, as the dragon balls for fear of food, people come up with neem leaves Ssambap, outer wrapped wire color has developed into zongzi. After the fifth day of May of each year, there is a dragon boat races, eating dumplings, drink Announcements, updates, customs, in order to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

  Dragon Boat Festival is a tradition to eat dumplings. Whenever the fifth day of May, my mother would pack a number of dumplings, let us satisfy their appetites. Mama's dumplings packages are particularly tasty, one end of the table, the smell of the fragrance comes, I will be devoured his brother and Dad have to eat, will not rest until eat.

   The Dragon Boat Festival kids wear Sachet, legends evil blast meaning flooding, is actually a window dressing for the first lapel. Sachet containing cinnabar, realgar, incense medicine, outsourcing to cloth, fragrance lovers, and then to buckle into a five-color silk string cable for a variety of different shapes, form a string, all kinds, cute.

   Wearing a sachet, relish in eating the fragrant rice dumplings, the Dragon Boat Festival, I have more heart indescribably happy. Today, Dragon Boat Festival has been the national statutory holiday and that China's folk customs handed down from generation to generation!

  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇2


  英 语

  第Ⅰ卷 (选择题 共115分)

  第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)


  第一节(共5小题,每小题1. 5分,满分7. 5分)


  例:How much is the shirt?

  A. £19. 15 B. £9. 15 C. £9. 18


  1.What do the speakers need to buy?

  A. A bridge B. A dinner table C. A few chairs

  2. Where are the speakers?

  A. In a restaurant B. In a hotel C. In a school

  3. What does the woman mean?

  A. Cathy will be at the party B. Cathy is too busy to come

  C. Cathy is going to be invited

  4. Why does the woman plan to go to town?

  A. To pay her bills in the bank B. To buy books in a bookstore C. To get some money from the bank

  5. What is the woman trying to do ?

  A. Finish some writing B. Print an article C. Find a news paper

  第二节 (共15小题:每小题1. 5分,满分22. 5分)



  6. What is the man doing?

  A. Changing seats on the plane

  B. Asking for a window seat C. Trying to find his seat

  7. What is the woman a sent number?

  A. 6A B. 7B C. 8A


  8. Why doesn’t the woman take the grean T-shirt?

  A. It’s too small B. It’s too dark C. It’s too expensive

  9. What does the woman buy in the end?

  A. A yellow T-shirt B. A blue T- shirt C. A pink T- shirt


  10. How long has the man been in London?

  A. To lead a city life B. A few years C. To find a job

  12. Where did the woman come from?

  A. London B. Amside C. Lancaster


  13.What is a daypack?

  A. A box B. A bag C. A lock

  14. What surprises the girl at school?

  A. A lot of discussion in class.

  B. Teachers giving little homework

  C. Few students asking questions in class

  15. At what time of the school term does the conversation most probably take place?

  A. At the end of it B. In the middle of it C. At the beginning of it

  16. What do we know about the girl?

  A. She is new to the school

  B. She writes for the school newspaper

  C. She seldom asks questions in class


  17. What does Mr Henry Stone do?

  A. A bank clerk B. A teacher C. A writer

  18. What does Henry like doing at airports?

  A. Watching people B. Telling stories C. Reading magazine

  19. What did Henry learn from the newspaper that day ?

  A. Avaluable sintcase was missing B. A man stole money from a bank C. A woman ran away from home

  20. Why was the woman at the airport?

  A. She was traveling on business

  B. She was seeing the man off C. She was leaving for Greece

  第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第一节 单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)


  例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants.

  A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever


  21. –Bruce, I really appreciate your handwriting.

  - .

  A. I practice every day B. Thank you very much

  C. No, I don’t think so D. Well, it’s not good enough

  22. -Why does the Lake smell terrible?

  -Because large quantities of water .

  A. have polluted B. is being polluted C. has been polluted D. have been polluted

  23. -How amazing it is that astronauts are exploring outer space!

  -It’s a challenge, I guess, man against nature.

  A. of B. for C. by D. about

  24. It’s helpful to put children in a situation they can see themselves differently.

  A. that B. when C. which D. where

  25. For a moment nothing happened Then all shouting together.

  A. voices had come B. came voices C. voices would come D. did voices come

  26. -Your mum is very kind.

  -Yeah, My mum is pretty considerate, you know what ,she always arranges everything around me.

  A. she means B. you mean C. I mean D. we mean

  27. We are at your service. Don’t to turn to us if you have any further problems.

  A. beg B. hesitate C. desire D. seek

  28. The Somali robbed frequent attacks on the sea urged the United Nations to

  all nations to take immediate action.

  A. fight for B. apply for C. call on D. wait on

  29. The World Health Organization gave a warning to the public without any

  When the virus of H1N1 hit Mexico in April,2009.

  A. delay B. effort C. schedule D. consideration

  30. It seems that living green is easy and affordable. A small step masks a big difference.

  A. exactly B. fortunately C. surprisingly D. hardly

  31. According to the literary review, Shakespeare his charities live through their language in his plays.

  A. will make B. had made C. was making D. makes

  32. not to miss the flight at 15:20, the manager set out for the airport in a hurry.

  A. Reminding B. Reminded C. To remind D. Having reminded

  33. She had just finished her homework her mother asked her to practice playing the piano yesterday.

  A. when B. while C. after D. since

  34. In April, 2009, President Hu inspected the warships in Qingdao, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy.

  A. marking B. marked C. having marked D. being marked

  35. But for the help of my English teacher, I the first prize in the English Writing Competition.

  A. would not win B. would not have won C. would win D. would have won

  第二节 完形填空(共20小题:每小题1. 5分,满分30分)


  Children find meanings in their old family tales.

  When Stephen Guyer’s three children were growing up, he told them stories about bow his grandfather, a banker, 36 all in the 1930s, but did not lose sight of what he valued most. In one of the darkest times 37 his strong-minded grandfather was nearly 38 , he loaded his family into the car and 39 them to see family members in Canada with a 40 ,“there are more important thins in life than money. ”

  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇3






  从每小题的A B C D四个选项中,找出其划线部分与所给单词的划线部分读音相同的选项,并在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。

  1. permit A

  A fist B behind C istand D smile

  2 . question C

  A revolution B exhibition C suggestion D education

  3. empty D

  A toiler B dozen C general D connect

  4. social A

  A precious B certain C discovery D decision

  5. forget B

  A ordinary B major C world D report


  从每小题的A B C D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。

  6. What pity that you couldn’t be there to receive prize! C

  A a;a B the ; a C a ; the D the;the

  7. Dr.Smith, together with his wife and daughters , visit Beijing this summer. A

  A is going to B are going to C was going to D were goingto

  8.He invited me to a dance after the show Chrismas Eve. B

  A at B on C in D by

  9.This is the first time wen a film in the cinema together as a family. D

  A see B had seen C saw D have seen

  10.Jane was asked a lot of questions ,but she didn’t answer of them .B

  A other B any C none D some

  11. Gun control is a subject Americans have argued for a long time . C

  A of which B with which C about which D into which

  12.I still remember to the Famen Temple and what I saw there . D

  A to take B to be taken C taking D being taken

  13.My parents don’t mind what job I do I am happy . C

  A even though B as soon as C as long as D as though

  14.—My mother is preparing my favorite dishes .Go with me and have a taste ,okay?

   -- .And I’ll be glad to meet your parents . B

  A I think so B I’d love to C I’m sure D I hope so

  15.A notice was in order to remind the students of the changed lecture time . D

  A sent up B given up C set up D put up

  16. He must be helping the old man to water the flowers, ? B

  A is he B isn’t he C must he D mustn’t he

  17. The how to booke can be of help to wants to do the job. D

  A who B whomever C no matter who D whoever

  18.Little about her own safety ,though she was in great danger herself. A

  A did Rose care B Rose didi care C Rose does care D does Rose care

  19.—Have you finished your first paper? D

   -- .Just half of it .How about you?

   A.Not at all B.Not likely C. Not a bit D.Not yet

  20. Form their ________ on the top of the TV Tower, visitors can have a better view of the city.

   A. stage B.position C. condition D. situation

  (三)完形填空 (共20小题,每小题1.5分,满分30分)


  One afternoon, my son Adam asked me, “Are all people the same even if they are different in color?”

  I thought for a minute, and then I said, “I’ll explain, 21 you can just wait until we make a quick 22 at the grocery store. I have something 23 to show you.”

  At grocery store, we 24 some apples --- red, green and yellow ones. Back home, I told Adam, “It’s time to 25 your question.” I put one apple of each 26 on the table. Then I looked at Adam, who had a 27 look on his face.

  “People are like apples. They come in all 28 colors, shapes and sizes. On the 29 , some of the apples may not 30 lood as the others.” As I was talking, Adam was 31 each one carefully.

  Then, I took each of the apples and peeled(削皮)them, 32 them back on the table, but 33

  a different place.

  “Okay, Adam, tell me which is which..”

  He said, “I 34 tell. They all look same now.” “Take a bite of 35 . See if that helps you 36 which one is which.”

  He took 37 , and then a huge smile came cross his face..”People are 38 like apples! They are all different, but once you 39 the outside, they’re pretty much the same on the inside.”

  He toally 40 it. I didn’t need to say or do anything else.

  21. A. although B. so C. because D. if 【D】

  22. A. stop B.start C. turn D. stay 【A】

  23. A. expressive B. encouraging C. infourmative D. interesting 【D】

  24. A. bought B. counted C. saw D. collected 【A】

  25. A. check B. mention C.answer D. improve 【C】

  26. A. size B. type C. shape D. class 【B】

  27. A. worried B. satistied C. proud D. curious 【D】

  28. A. ordinary B. normal C. different D. regular 【C】

  29. A. outside B. whole C. table D. inside 【A】

  30. A. still B. even C. only D. ever 【B】

  31. A. examining B. measuring C. drawing D. packing 【A】

  32. A. keeping B. placing C. pulling D. giving 【B】

  33. A. on B. toward C. for D. in 【D】

  34. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t 【B】

  35. A. each one B. each other C. the other D. one another 【A】

  36. A. admit B. consider C. decide D. believe 【C】

  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇4





  第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)




  例:How much is the shirt?

  A &19.15 B &9.15 C &9.18


  1.What do the speakers need to buy?

  A A fridge B A dinnertabil C A few chairs

  2. Where are the sperkers?

   A In a resourant. B In a hotel. C In a school.

  3. What does the womam mean?

   A Cathy will be at the part.

   B Cathy is too buay to come.

   C Cathy is going to be invited.

  4. Why does the woman plan to go to town>

   A To pay her bills in the bank.

   B To buy books in a bookstore.

   C To get some money from te bank.

  5. What is the woman trying to do?

   A Finish some writing.

   B Print an article.

   C Find a newapaper.




  6.What is the man doing?

  A.Changing seats on the plane.

  B.Asking for a window seat.

  C.Trying to find his seat.

  7. What is the woman’s seat number?

  A.6A B.7A C.8A


  8.Why doesn’t the woman take the green T-shist?

  A.It’s too small.

  B.It’s too dark.

  A.It’s too expensive.

  9.What dose the woman buy in the end?

  A. A yellow T-shirt.

  B. A bule T-shirt.

  C. A pink T-shirt.


  10. How long has the man been in London?

  A. One year.

  B.A few years.

  C.A couple of months.

  11. Why did the woman leave her hometown?

  A.To lend a city life.

  B.To open a restaurart.

  C.To find a job.

  12. Where did the woman come from?

  A. London.

  B. Arnside.



  13. What is a daypack?

  A. A box.

  B.A bag.

  C.A lock.

  14. What surpriscs the girl at school?

  A.A lot of discussious in class.

  B.Teachers giving little homework.

  C.Few students asking quescions in class.

  15. At what time of the school term does the comversation most probably take place?

  A.At the end of it.

  B.In the middle of it.

  C.At the beginning of it.

  16. What do we know about the girl?

  A.She is new to she school.

  B.She wriers for the school newspaper.

  C.She seldom asks questions in class.


  17.What does Mr Henry Stone do ?

  A A bank clerk

  B A teacher

  C A writer

  18. What does Henry like doing at airports?

  A Watching people

  B Telling stories

  C Reading magazines

  19. What did Henry learn from the newspaper that day ?

  A A valuable suitcase was missing .

  B A man stole money from a bank .

  C A woman ran away from home

  20 . Why was the woman at the airport?

  A She was traveling on business.

  B She was seeing the man off .

  C She was leaving for Greece.

  21---Is it OK take this seat?


   A. here you are B. take it

   C. it’s taken D.never mind

  22. When we visited my old family home, momory came ______ back

   A. flooding B. to flood

   C. flood D. flooded

  23.They’ve won their last three matcbes.________I find a bit surprising

  A. that B. when

  C. what D. which

  24.Excuse me, Marcia, a reporten from Vanity Fair ________ all day. Could you speak to her now?

  A. phones B. has phoned

  C. has been phoning D. phoned

  25. Usually John would be late for meetings.But tis time, to my surprise,he arrived

  on time.

  A little B much C ever D eveo

  26. This area experienced heaviest rainfall in month of May.

   A 不填; a B a ; the C the ; the D the ; a

  27. ,you need to give all you have and try your best.

   A Being a winner B To bu a winner C Be a winner D Having been a winner

  28. is the power of TV that it can make a pcrson suddenly famous.

  A Such B This C That D So

  29. The traffic is heavy these day,I arrive a bit late, so could you save me a place?

  A can B must C need D might

  30. It just isn’t fair I was working as a waiter last month, my friends were lying on the beach..

   A whenever B though C for D while

  31. My parents have promised to come to see me before I for Africa.

   A have left B leave C left D will leave

  32. Children need friends their own age to play with.

   A of B for C in D at

  33. Peter’s jacket looked just the same as Jack’s,but it cost his.

   A as much twice as B twice as much as

   C much as twice as D as twice much as

  34. It’s the first time that he has been to Austrulia, ?

   A isn’t he B hasn’t he C isn’t it D hasn’t it

  35. —Sorry,do you mind if I smoke here?


   A you could B go ahead C I do D my pleasure

  第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


  A young man was getting ready to graduald from college .for many months he bad 36 a beautdful sports car in a daaler’s showroom,and 37 his father could well 38 it,he lold him that was all he wanted.

  On the morning of his gradnation day his father called him into his own study and told him how 39 he was to have such a fine son ,He handed his son a beautdful gift box.40 but slightiy disappointed,the young man 41 the box and found a lovely book,42,he raised his voice at his father and said.” 43 all youur money you give me a book? ”and rushed out of the house 44 the book in the study

  He did not contact(联系)his father for a whole year 45 one day he saw in the strcct an old man who looked like his father.he 46he bad to go back home and see his father.

  When he arrived at his father’s house, he was told that his father hed been in hospital for a week .the moment he was about to 47 the hospital.he saw on the desk the 48 new book ,just as he had left it one 49 ago.he oprned it and began to 50 the pages.suddenly,a car key 51 from an envelope laped behind the book ,it bad a lag(标签)with doaler’s uame,the 52 denler who had hthe sports car he bad 53 on the tag was the 54 of his graduation.and the 55 PAID IN FULL

  36. A expected B enjoyed C admined D owned

  37 A finding B proving C deciding D knowing

  38. A afford B offer C keep D like

  39. A encouraged B comfortabfe C proud D moved

  40. A Nervous B Serious C Careful D Curious

  41. A packed B opened C picked up D put aside

  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇5

  端午节的由来和习俗作文600字 家乡的端午节






  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇6



  英 语






  例:How much is the shirt?

  A. 19.15. B. 9.15. C. 9.18.


  1. Where is the woman from?

  A. Japan. B. England. C. Australia.

  2. How many children does the woman have?

  A. Two. B. Three. C. Five.

  3. What does the woman suggest?

  A. Going to town.

  B. Seeing a movie.

  C. Having a meal.

  4. What is the woman going to do?

  A. Stay for tea.

  B. Buy some fruits.

  C. Go back home.

  5. What is the conversation mainly about?

  A. The woman’s study.

  B. The woman’s friend.

  C. The woman’s trouble.




  6. In which season does the conversation take place?

  A. The spring.

  B. The summer.

  C. The autumn.

  7.What is the man going to do next?

  A. Go for a walk.

  B. Take pictures.

  C. Eat food.

  8. What is the relationship between the two speakers?

  A. Couple.

  B. Friends.

  C. Classmates.


  9. What is the purpose of this talk?

  A. To talk about the exam.

  B. To introduce a professor.

  C. To explain the arrangement.

  10. When is the talk probably given?

  A. At the beginning of the term.

  B. In the middle of the term.

  C. By the end of the term.

  11. What will professor Brown do next Thursday?

  A. Organize the exam.

  B. Attend a meeting.

  C. Answer questions.


  12. Where is the man going?

  A. To a police station.

  B. To a repair shop.

  C. To a book store.

  13. What is most probably a “town guide ”in the conversation?

  A. A book.

  B. A person.

  C. A shop.

  14. What is the conversation mainly about?

  A. Buying some books.

  B. Repairing a watch.

  C. Finding a place.


  15. Why does the woman come to the man?

  A. To greet him.

  B. To ask for information.

  C. To talk about the neighbors.

  16. Where are the two speakers?

  A. In Atlanta.

  B. In Chicago.

  C. In New York.

  17. What is the woman going to do this Saturday?

  A. Drink tea.

  B. Attend a party.

  C. Meet old friends.




  Student Clubs

  NameNumber of MembersDay of Meeting

  18 Club90Thursday

  Music Club19Saturday

  Bicycle Club5020


  第一节 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


  例:A computer can only do _____ you have instructed it to do.

  A.how B. after C. what D. when


  21. Try on this red skirt; you will look great _____it.

  A. on B. by C. in D. for

  22. Over the past 20 years, the Internet helped change our world in _____way or another for the better.

  A. any B. one C. every D. either

  23. She stared at the painting ,wondering where she ______it.

  A. saw B. has seen C. sees D. had seen

  24—You are confident about the job interview , aren’t you?

  —_____.I’m well prepared and feel I’ve got everything they need.

  A. sure, I am B. It’s hard to say

  C.I hope so D. Well, maybe

  25. Michael’s new house is like a huge palace, ______with his old one.

  A. comparing B. compares C. to compare D. compared

  26. Washing machines made by China have won ______worldwide attention and Haier has become _____popular name.

  A. a; the B./;a C./;the D. the; a

  27.Peter was so excited _______he received an invitation from his friend to visit Chongqing.

  A. where B. that C. why D. when

  28.—I’ve got to go now.

  —Must you ?I ______you could stay for dinner with us.

  A. think B. thought

  C. have thought D. am thinking

  29. With the world changing fast, we have something new _______with all by ourselves every day.

  A. deal B. dealt C. to deal D. dealing

  30. Professor Williams keeps telling his students that the future ______to the well-educated.

  A. belongs B. is belonged

  C. is belonging D. will be belonged

  31. We should consider the students’ request ___the school library provide more books on popular science.

  A. that B. when C. which D. where

  32.—Hi, Tom . Any idea where Jane is?

  — She _____in the classroom . I saw her there just now.

  A. shall be B. should have been

  C. must be D. might have been

  33. Unsatisfied ______with the payment ,he took the job just to get some work experience.

  A. though was he B. though he was

  C. he was though D. was he though

  34. Life is like a long race _____we compete with others to go beyond ourselves.

  A. why B. what C. that D. where

  35.—Ken, ________,but your TV is going too loud.

  —Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll turn it down right now.

  A. I’d like to talk with you B. I’m really tired of this

  C.I hate to say this D. I need your help

  第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


  People often fall ill because of me. 36 , they can hardly blame me; it is largely their own 37 .A tired person may get 38 , especially when he goes to crowded places with polluted air. A sudden change in 39 is another factor. In hot summer, people turn on the air-conditioner upon returning home. They will catch a cold easily.

  My latest victim is an energetic student. After school, he played football hard for two hours. Though 40 , he still went to the cinema .Then he got back home and took a cold shower immediately.

  I seized this golden chance to 41 him .He reacted ,trying to 42 me , but I was already 43 deep in his throat. He kept sneezing(打喷嚏) and his nose was running. 44 he put on some warm clothes, it didn’t work, for there were too many of us. Besides, his sore throat kept 45 him, and he developed a cough to force me and my family out, but 46 .

  The next day he couldn’t go to 47 . He had lost his appetite and was not as 48 as before. His mother made him orange juice every few hours for more vitamin C, which would help his 49

  For two days he was 50 by his mother. As he rested more, his defense strengthened and I began to feel the 51 . I knew I had to 52 him before long. But I am not the one who gives up easily, and I made every effort to fight back. 53 , it was my turn to feel 54 now, for his defense system was starting an all-out attack against me. I became 55 and finally my time was over.

  Do you know what I am?

  36. A .ThereforeB. BesidesC. HoweverD. Then

  37. A .businessB . responsibilityC. excuseD. fault

  38.A. punishedB. blamedC. caughtD. killed

  39.A. temperatureB. seasonC. placeD. condition

  40.A. excitedB. hurtC. lateD. tired

  41.A. injureB. botherC. attackD. destroy

  42. A. get on withB. get rid ofC. put up withD .take hold of

  43. A. reproducingB. waitingC. hidingD. disappearing

  44. A. SinceB. OnceC. WhetherD. Although

  45. A. remindingB. upsettingC. comfortingD. influencing

  46. A. escapedB. succeededC. regrettedD. failed

  47. A. bedB. workC. schoolD. hospital

  48. A. peacefulB. afraidC. activeD. happy

  49. A .recoveryB. developmentC. studyD. affected

  50. A. protectedB. nursedC. scoldedD. affected

  51. A. lossB. operationC. pressureD. movement

  52. A. leaveB. catchC. forgetD. beat

  53. A. UncertainlyB. UnsuccessfullyC. UnusuallyD. Unfortunately

  54. A. painfulB. disappointedC. nervousD. ashamed

  55. A. biggerB. weakerC. smallerD. stronger




  I was waiting for a phone call from my agent. He had left a message the night before, telling me that my show was to be cancelled. I called him several times, but each time his secretary told me that he was in a meeting and that he would call me later. So I waited and waited, but there was still no call. Three hours passing by, I became more and more impatient. I was certain that my agent didn’t care about my work, and he didn’t care about me. I was overcome with that thought. I started to shout at the phone, “Let me wait, will you? Who do you think you are?”

  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇7


  英 语






  第一部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)



  1、——Hey , you haven’t been acting like yourself . Everything OK ?

  —— 。

  A、I’m fin , thanks B Sure , it is C That’s good D It’s OK

  2、I don't understand what the engineer means , but I’ve got rough idea of

  Project plan .

  A 、the ;a B 、不填; the C、the;不填 D、a ; the

  3 、 and short of breath , Andy and Ruby were the first to reach the top of Mount Tai .

  A、To be tried B、Tired C、 Tiring D、Being tired

  4、——I’ve read and another book this week .

   ——Well , maybe is not how much you read but what you read that counts .

   A this B that C there D it

  5、The incomes of skilled word went up . , unskilled workers saw their earnings fall.

  A Moreover B Therefore C Meanwhile D Otherwise

  6、 The system has been designed to give etudents quick and easy to the digital resources of the library .

  A access B passage C way D approach

  7、There is a great deal of evidence that music activities enegage different parts of the brain .

  A indicate B indicating C to indicate D to be indicating

  8、The medicine word more effectively you some hot water after taking it .

  A as B until C although D if

  9、Over the past decades , sea ice in the Arctic as a result of global warming .

  A had decreased B decreased C has been decreasing D is decreasing

  10、It took building supplies to contruct these energy—house . It took brains , too .

  A other than B more than C rather than D less than

  11The good thing about children is that they very easily to new envionments.

  A adapt B appeal C attattch D apply

  12、—Is there any possibility you could pick me up at the airport ?

   —No problem

   A when B that C whether D what

  13、The doctor recommended that you swim after eating a large meal .

  A wouldn’t B couldn’t C needn’t D shouldn’t

  14、I have reached a point in my life I am supposed to make decisions of my own ,.

  A which B where C how D why

  15、John is very ——if he promises to do something he’ll do it .

  A independent B confident C reliable D flexible

  16、Practising Chinese kung fu can not only one’s strength , but also develop one’s character .

  A bring up B take up C build up D pull up

  17、—Do you want another drink ?

  —— .

  A I don’t think so B No way C Not at all D I wouldn’t say no

  18、 , the pay isn’t attractive enough ,though the job itself is quite interesting .

  A Generally speaking B On the contrary

  C In particular D To be honest

  19、In the good care of the nurses , the boy is recovreing from his heart operation .

  A quietly B actually C practically D gradually

  20、—What do you think of the movie ?

   —It’s fantastic . The only pity is that I the beginning .

  A missed B had missed C miss D would miss



   The trip to city was eye-opening for everyone, and near its end, all the young people in our froup began to reflect on what it had meant. We __21___the first night we had arrived. We had all gone into the markets of the city ___22__the young people could experience its energy. But what we for money … Walking home, ___23____ under a low bridge, we came across ___25___ families of homeless people seeking a bit of dry ground to sleep on __26__ the night. We had to step over bodies as we found our way throungh the darkness.

   The poverty(贫困) was __27__ than anything my young companions had ever imagined.Back in the hotel, an air of sadness settled over the proup. Many __28__ and cried. Spending time in this ___29__ moves a person to care about humanity.

   That evening, our froup spent hours talking about what we had ___30___. Gently,I encouraged everyone to talk about the difficult ___31__ that day’s discoveries had inspired.Sitting together ___32__ a circle as everyone had a chance to speak, we all began to realize that __33___ of us was alone in our struggle to cope with our reactions.

   Based on my __34___ in pocerty-stricken areas, I suggested that __35___ the emotions we had were painful, they could also be important in helping us to move forward.We all__36__ that we had seen things that should never be allowed to happen. ___37___, what could we do about it? Together, we began to brainstorm ways we could help to case the __38__ we had seen. As I encouraged group members to focus on __39__ they could do, a sense of determination __40___ the previous sadness, Instead of despair,these young peple bagan to feel a call to action.

  21.A.put up with B.got back to C. looked back on D. made up for

  22.A. now that B.so that C.as if D. even if

  23.A. puzzled B.annoyed C.embarrassed D. even if

  24.A. marching B.running C.passing D.moving

  25.A. entire B.normal C.average D.general

  26.A.beyond B.with C.till D.for

  27.A.stronger B. deeper C.worse D.less

  28.A. gave up B. broke down C. set off D.held on

  29.A.environment B. hotel C.house D.background

  30.A.inspected B.attempted C.witnssed D.challenged

  31.A. feelings B.decisions C.thoughts D. impressions

  32.A.along B.around C. by D. in

  33.A. neither B.either C. none D. each

  34.A.experiences B. schedules C. data D. position

  35.A.once B.while C.since D.unless

  36.A. supposed B. advised C. eonfirmed D.agreed

  37.A. Surely B.Rather C. Now D.Indeed

  38.A.burden B.suffering C. anxiety D.difficulty

  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇8




  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇9



  第I卷 (选择题 共115)






  例: What is the man going to read?

  A,,A newspaper

  B ,Amagazine

  C ,A book


  1. How fast can the woman type?

  A.15words a minute . B. 45rds a minute . C. 80rds a minute .

  2. Which program does the man like most?

  A.Sports . B.History . C.News .

  3.Which language does Mr .White speak well?

  A.French B.Spanish C.Japanese

  4.What was in the woman’s missing bag?

  5. Where does the conversation probably take place?

  A.In a classroom B.In a library C.In a bookstore




  6.What’s wrong with the man?

  A.He has headaches.

  B. He has a runny nose.

  C. He has a temperatute.

  7. When did the problem begin?

  A. Two weeks ago.

  B. Two momths ago.

  A. Threee momths ago.


  8 .Why did the woman make the phone call?

   A To change her appointment.

   B To discuss a business plan.

   C To arrange an exhibition.

  9. when are they going to meet?

   A Wednesday B Thursday C Friday


  10. What event will you take part in if you love to dance?

   A River Festival B Youth Celebrations C Songs of Summer

  11.What is the purpose of the announcement?

   A To introduce performers

   B To introduce a prograrm

   C To introduce various countries?


  12.How much are the double rooms?

  A From $180 to $240 B From $180 to $270 C From $270 to $330

  13.What is included in the price?

  A To ask for an extra bed..

  B To check the room rates.

  C To change his reservation.


   15.What are the sprakers talking about?

   A Picture books B Reference books C Cookbooks

   16.How much is Worldwide Fish?

   A &12 B &15 C &17

   17.Which book does the woman decide to buy?

   A Something Fishy.

   B Worldwide Fish.

   C Tasty Fish.


  18.What did Maria do right after graduation?

  A She entered politics .

  B She worked as a teacher .

  C She worked for her father .

  19.Where did Maria set up her first coffee bar?

  A London

  B Singapore

  C New York

  20.How many coffee bars does she have now?

  A 10

  B 80

  C 85


  第一节 单项填空(共15小题:每小题1分,共15分)

  从每题所给的A B C D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

  例:It’s so nice to hear from her again , we last met more than thirty years ago .

  A What’s more B That’s to say C In other words D Believe it or not


  21.John plays basketball well , his favorite sport is badminton.

  A so B or C yet D for

  22.You may use the room as you like you clean it up afterwards

  A so far as B so long as C in case D even if

  23.Scientists have many theories about how the universe into being.

  A came B was coming C had come D would come

  24.For breakfast he only drinks juice from fresh fruit on his own farm.

  A grown B being grown C to be grown D to grow

  25. One of the few things you ______ say about English people with certainty is that they talk a lot about the weather.

  A. need B. must C. should D. can

  26. ---What do you think of teaching, Bob?

   ---I find it fun and challenging. It is a job _____ you are doing something serious but interesting.

  27. The way the guests _______ in the hotel influenced their evaluation of the service.

   A. treated B. were treated

   C.would treat D. would be treated

  28. All of them try to use the power of the workstation _____ information in a more effective way.

   A. presenting B. presented

   C being presented D. to present

  29. The wine industry in the area has developed in a special way.______little foreign ownership.

   A. by B. of C. why D. if

  30. When I talked with my grandma on the phone ,she sounded weak, but by the time we ____up,her voice had been full of life.

  A. were hanging B. had hung

  C. hung D. would hang

  31. At first he hated the new job but decided to give himself a few months to see_____

  It got any better.

  A. when B. how C. why D. if

  32. John was given the same suitcase his father and grandfather ______ with them to school.

  A. took B. had taken C.were taking D. would take

  33. The biggest whale is ______ blue whale,which grows to be about 29 meters long-the height of

  ____ 9-story building.

  A. the; the B. a; a C. a; the D. the; a

  34. ______ twice, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we chained our dog.

  A. Being bitten B.Bitten C. Having bitten D. To be bitten

  35. Being a parent is not always easy, and being the parent of a child with special needs often carries with______ extra stress.

  A. it B. them C. one D. him

  第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,共30分)


   James’s New Bicycle

   James shook his money box again. Nothing!He carefully 36 the coins that lay on the bed..$24.52 was all that he had .The bicycle he wanted was at least $90! 37 on earth was he going to get the 38 of the money?

  He knew that his friends all had bicycles. It was 39 to hang around with people when you were the only one without wheels.He thought about what he could do. There was no 40 asking his parents, for he knew they had no money to 41

  There was only one way to get money, and that was to 42 it . He would have to find a jod. 43 who would hire him and what could he do? He decided to ask , Mr. Clay for advice, who usually had 44 on most things.

  That was the 45 of James’s odd- job(零工) business. For three months he worked every day after finishing his homework. He was amazed by the 46 of jobs that people found for him to do. He took dogs and babies for walks, cleared out cupboards, and mended books. He lost count of the 47 of cars he washed and windows he cleaned, but the 48 increased and he knew that he would soon have 49 for the bicycle he longed for.

  The day 50 came when James counted his money and found $94.32. H 51 no time and went down to the shop to pick up the bicycle he wanted. He rode 52 home, looking forward to showing his new bicycle to his friends. It had been hard 53 for the money, but James knew that he valued his bicycle far more 54 he had bought it with his own money. He had 55 what he thought was impossible, and that was worth even more than the bicycle.

  36 . A. cleaned B covered C counted D checked

  37 . A. How B Why C Who D What

  38 . A. amount B part C sum D rest

  39 . A. brave B hard C smart D unfair

  端午节的英语作文高考(通用10篇) 篇10





  本试卷分第一卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分。第Ⅰ卷1至8页,第二卷至 。考试结束后,将本试卷和答题卡一并交回。











  例:How much is the shirt?

  A. £19.15.B. £9.15.C. £9.18.


  1.What do the speakers need to buy?

  A.A fridge.

  B.A dinner table.

  C.A few chairs.

  2.Where are the speakers?

  A.In a restaurant.

  B.In a hotel.

  C.In a school.

  3.What does the woman mean?

  A.Cathy will be at the party.

  B.Cathy is too busy to come.

  C.Cathy is going to be invited.

  4.Why does the woman plan to go to town?

  A.To pay her bills in the bank.

  B.To buy books in a bookstore.

  C.To get some money from the bank.

  5.What is the woman trying to do?

  A.Finish some writing.

  B.Print an article.

  C.Find a newspaper.




  6.What is the man doing?

  A.Changing seats on the plane.

  B.Asking for a window seat.

  C.Trying to find his seat.

  7.What is the woman’s seat number?



  8.Why doesn’t the woman take the green T-shirt?

   A.It’s too small.B.It’t too cark.C.It’s too expensive.

  9.What does the woman buy in the end?

   A.A yellow T-shirt.B.A blue T-shirt.C.A pink T-shirt.


  10.How long has the man been in London?

   A.One year.B.A few years.C.A couple of months.

  11.Why did the woman leave her hometown?

   A.To lead a city life.B.To open a restaurant.C.To find a job.

  12.Where did the woman come from?



  13.What is a daypack

   A.A box.B.A bag.C.A lock.

  14.What surprises the girl at school?

   A.A lot of discussions in class.B.Teachers giving little homework

   C.Few students asking questions in class.

  15.At what time of the school term does the conversation most probably take place?

   A.At the end of it.B.In the middle of it.C.At the beginning of it.

  16.What do we know about the girl?

   A.She is new to the school.B.She writes for school newspaper.

   C.She seldom asks questions in class.


  17.What does Mr Henry Stone do?

   A.A bank clerk.B.Aeacher.C.A writer.

  18.What does Henry like doing at airports?

   A.Watching people.B.Telling stories.C.Reading magazines.

  19.What did Henry learn from the newspaper that day?

   A.A valuable suitcase was missing.B.A man stole money from a bank.

   C.A woman ran away from home.

  20.Why was the woman at the airport?

   A.She was sraveling on business.B.She was seeing the man off.

   C.She was leaving for Greece.

  第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第一节 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


  例:We last night, but we went to the concert instead.

  A.must have studied B.might study

  C.should have studied D. would study


  21.¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬—It looks heavy. Can I give you a hand?

   — .

   A.No, thanks B.Yes, my pleasure

   C.No,never mind D.Yes, I do

  22.Let’s go to cinema-that’ll take your mind off the problem for

   A.the; the B. the; a

   C.a; the D. a;a

  23.How much she looked without her glasses!

   A.Well B.good

  C.best D.better

  24.Could I speak to is in charge of International Sales please?

   A.who B.what

   C.whoever D.whatever

  25.What do you mean, there are only ten tickets?There be twelve.

   A. should B. would

   C.will D.shall

  26.His sister left home in 1998, and since.

   A.had not been heard of B.has not been heard of

   C.had not heard of D.has not heard of

  27.I tried phoning her office, but I couldn’t .

   A.get along B.get on

   C.get to D.get through

  28.She brought with her three friends, none of I had ever met before.

   A.them B.who

   C.whom D.these

  29.Edward, you play so well. But I you played the piano.

   A.didn’t know B.hadn’t known

   C.don’t know D.haven’t known

  30.The children all turned the famous actress as the entered the classroom

   A.looked at B. to look at

   C.to looking at D. look at

  31.New technology was used in teaching. As a result, not only , but students became more interested in the lessons.

  A.saved was teachers’energy B.was teachers’energy saved