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  端午节作文英语50词300字 篇1

  The Dragon Boat Festival ,also called the Duanwu Festival ,is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.People always eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat races to celebrate it.

   The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races,especially in the southern places where there are many rivers and lakes. Ití s very popular.

   The rice dumpling is made of glutinous rice,meat and so on. You can eat different kinds of rice dumplings.They are very delicious.

  And Dragon Boat Festival is for Qu Yuan. He is an honest minister who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river.

   Overall, the Dragon Boat Festival is very interesting!

  端午节作文英语50词300字 篇2

  Happy dragon boat festival

  Tomorrow is dragon boat festival, I and father mother go together Woerma goes buying a zhongzi.

  Arrive Woerma, I run to look for a zhongzi with respect to rapid ground. Wow! Here huge crowd of people, really lively. Well? How is that place person special much? Taking away doubt I looked in the past after all. Oh! Buy a zhongzi so, the zhongzi breed here is really too much: Of beef stuffing, of red jujube stuffing, of chop stuffing, of earthnut stuffing... my what look saliva should flow. Took a bag rapidly, say to mom: "Mom, I like to eat fresh chopped meat, I should be bought more a few. " mom nods express to agree, then I bought the zhongzi of a lot of fresh chopped meat.

  Buy a zhongzi, we bought a lot of things again, have a meal in hall of Xiang Shang coffee next, had eaten a meal, we came home cheerfully, really happy today!

  Look! This is the zhongzi that I buy, but delicious!

  端午节作文英语50词300字 篇3

  Children's Day

   On June 1st day, all children are very happy. On that day ,we don't go to school.Most of the children will go to the park. In the park, some children are flying kites, some are playing football, and some are playing a game.In the sky,there are a lot of kites.But there is only once a year we will have this happy festival.I think Children's Day is the most important holiday for the children.Because everybody has fun on that day!

  端午节作文英语50词300字 篇4

  ◆您现在正在阅读的牛津小学英语5bunit8attheweedends说课稿文章内容由收集, 本站地址:,版权归原作者所有.!本站将为您提供更多的精品教学资源!牛津小学英语5bunit8attheweedends说课稿 一、教材分析 说课的内容是牛津小学英语5b的unit 8,这个单元的核心内容是"周末活动"。本单元和unit 4的what does he/she usually do on sundays?he/she usually …有一定联系,通过周末活动引出本单元的四会内容和昆虫名称。涉及的句型有:how do you spend your weekends?how does he/she spend his/her weekends? 二、教学策略 新课程强调从学生的学习兴趣、生活经验和认识水平出发,倡导体验、实践、参与、合作与交流的学习方式和任务型的教学途径达到发展学生对语言的综合运用能力。为了到达教学目标,落实教学重点、化解教学难点,本堂课借助flash:do you have any hobbies?复习平时的活动;借助一些小奖品,如塑封的蝴蝶,螳螂等,激发学生的兴趣,同时也为下节课昆虫的教学打下基础。我借助多媒体课件化解难点。在整个教学中,我注意师生的互动,从唱-游戏-对话-猜谜等活动完成了本课的教学任务。 三、教学目标 新课程强调知识与技能、过程与方法、情感态度与价值观三个角度的有机结合,本着这样的认识,我对本课设计了如下教学目标: 1.情感目标:通过活动、游戏学生能产生学习英语的兴趣;学生能敢于、乐于、善于开口讲英语,积极参与交流,树立学好英语的信心。 2.认知目标(1)、四会掌握词组:at the weekends learn from 三会词组 of course catch insects watch cartoons 等以前学过的词组。 (2)、句型:how do you spend your weekends?i often.. how does he spend his weekends?he often… how does she spends her weekends?she often… (3)、能听读课文并理解熟读。3.能力目标:学生能用英语进行生活交际,了解同学和家人的平时活动。同时通过调查让学生体会合作的重要性。 四、教学重点、难点 1. 教学重点是学生能听说读写单词词组(weekends.,at the weekends learn from能运用how do you spend your weekends? how does he/she spend his/her weekends?进行交际。 2.教学难点是catch insects这个三会词组的发音。通过第一人称的练习转化到第三人称单数。 五、教具、学具准备 1. 教具:电脑、塑封好的昆虫、单词卡片 2. 学具:学生自备各种形状的实物。 六、教学过程 1.歌曲激趣,营造氛围 英语

  端午节作文英语50词300字 篇5

  My Favourite Season我喜欢的季节英语作文50字

  My favourite season is summer. I often wear my shorts and T-shirt. Sometimes I wear my jeans. In summer it is often sunny and hot. Sometimes rainy in summer. I usually swim with my father. Sometimes I eat ice-cream at home.

  端午节作文英语50词300字 篇6


  On August 1, the day of a different common, it changed the history of our country, changed our Chinese the following road, can so say, if do not have this one day, china people still lives in the old society of an abyss of suffering, it is 81 found an army section. Review the history, I as if before returning 80 years, that stirring hour. I sit on bench silently, abrupt is the flames of war that fly violently before, the setting with that boundless air, clear is showing the smoke of gunpowder with loose bone solemn and stirring peak, what the firearm reputation that never has had in life leaves me such is close! Let us review the history together. On August 1, 1927, whole China was full of rain of blood of wind of raw meat or fish. Zhou En comes, the uprise such as Zhu De, He Long, Xie Ting, Liu Baicheng army launch attack to the militia that defends Nanchang, through the hassle of 4 many hours, annihilation enemy 3000 more than person, put forward " Ko imperialism " , " Ko new old warlord " , " execute cultivator to have its field " wait for revolutionary catchword. Undertook reorganize to uprise army at the same time. Boundless warlike road, our country emerge in large numbers gives another hero, is everybody still written down is a Xiaoying maly? He is radish head Song Zhenzhong. When Song Zhenzhong is caught by the enemy, he ability is one year old. Radish head arrives 9 years old from 1 year old, childhood was spent in the enemy's den of monster, sufferred all kinds of Kuomintang of reactionary clique destroy and torment. When just was arrested, radish head Song Zhenzhong and mom are closed together in a female prison. This female prison has little only big, shade undercurrent is wet. Not far from firm door place is putting a closestool, fume the person is suffocatively come. In narrow prison house, fly, mosquito, bedbug is very much. Be bitten to get big sore to connecting pimple on the body of radish head, new sore pile move old sore, catch not carefully defeated with respect to blood dc. They eat is mildew rice and outer leaf of sodden Chinese cabbage. Such meal is being heard keck, did not say to eat. But, do not have method, mom is able to bear or endure strength goes to the dirty stuff winkle in the meal letting radish head eat again. Radish head just ate to be spat readily come out, shout continuously: "Really insipid! " mom is fooling say: "Dense is good, hear mom's word, eat! " the pet name that dense is radish head. Dense did not eat two again. Fellow sufferer people also anger anger ground says: "This connects the meal that pig dog does not eat, how to let the child eat go down? " mother is forced to take the meal that remain, he is fed again when waiting for radish head hunger. Radish head is closed in the enemy's jail as a child, how does he yearn for freedom, how wanting to have a look at the world outside is what kind of, but he does not have an opportunity to go out, can look at a sky from scuttle only everyday, looking at the abatis of the jail, watchtower. After a day of dinner, radish head and small green jade billows walk out of female prison, sit on stair. They are looking at the abatis on the high fence on and high fence. Radish head sighed at a heat, have no alternative says: "If I have freedom, this are much then better! " radish head although the person is closed in the jail, but, person poor keep in mind is not poor, in the enemy's jail, radish head did the work that a lot of grown revolutionary cannot do, to Ko reactionary clique, build new China to stand left immortal meritorious service, it is our country, and even the smallest martyr on the world. In the jail, subterranean party formulate plan of an escape from prison. To implement this plan, want to understand all fellow sufferer situations that are locked up above all. Radish head although the age is very small, but, he had locked up in the enemy's jail several years, can saying had been " old state criminal " , and, he can adapt oneself to changing circumstances, deal with the enemy ably. Subterranean party leader is important state criminal, without the freedom of the action, and radish head can ambulate freely, consequently, he did the work that a lot of grown revolutionary cannot do. The member that he became the subterranean liaison man of our party. On September 6, 1949, just radish head Song Zhenzhong of 9 years old and his father, mom at the same time by Kuomintang reactionary clique is killing. After Chongqing is liberated, radish head Song Zhenzhong is by admit posthumously revolutionary martyr, he is us country, and even the smallest martyr on the world. His illustrious name will forever by later generations engrave, immortal. Common saying says, towel silk does not allow a man, a such move one to praises and tears get heroine, she is Zhao Yiman. The enemy lets Zhao Yiman be taken to the execution ground together with those to be executed as a form of intimidation, the purpose draws out a few secrets from her mouth. At this moment, zhao Yiman has been about to die, the enemy sends her into the hospital, let a doctor preserve her life, preparation continues to interrogate. The doctor of responsible cure and nurse Zhao Yiman and nurse are a Chinese, they understand Zhao Yiman is because of what fight day stoutly and be arrested by day bandit, adamant to hers special admire. Later, zhao Yiman has moral guard help to fall in, escaped hospital, but, on the way that seeks the allied forces that fight day, was caught by the enemy again. On August 2, 1936, the enemy went to Zhao Yiman detain outside door of small north of bead river county. Zhao Yiman comes down from oxcart, she is worn before two military police want to go up. Shoulder of her left and right sides is swung suddenly, the hand that does not make that dirty touchs her. Zhao Yiman knows, last hour came. She goes hardly in brushwood to standing, there is peculiar glorious on gaunt face. "Zhao Yiman, what word do you still have to say? " the enemy cries fiercely. Zhao Yiman holds out a chest to shout: "Ko Japanese imperialism! " , " Chinese Communist banzai! " Zhao Yiman is in Babylon report of a gun in pool of blood, year only 31 years old. Zhao Yiman of the heroine that fight day sacrifices for the country fast 70 years, but her illustrious name is written down forever in our heart. We should learn her forever, commemorate her, accede her last wish, those who be an our country construction is better, make arduous efforts to realize well-off in the round! We this generation is happiness, without the war, without smoke of gunpowder, because such, we just follow should learn hard, after be brought up, render service to repay kindness the motherland, make the gift of national pillar! Soldiers of ability not let sb down soil red national flag with blood, with the new China that body builds! ! !

  端午节作文英语50词300字 篇7


  Last holiday, and birds come out! On the way home, my heart Le Zizi's.

  At home, I saw my brother sitting on the sofa, is waiting for me then!

  "Leilei, Da Buda badminton ah?" My brother to see me back, got up and asked me busy, "Well, Well." I readily agreed.

  Started, and her mother sat next to in front of the referee, brother tee, he suddenly come to a "bait ball", depriving the ball I could not even a feather no Peng Zhao, angry face was fat, I "Purple"

  , And look at me angry, my brother was happy, he was like a proud cock beginning to recover without looking me: "According to your point that technology, but also want to win me paranoid!" "I really Huotai a!" I want to come true, and a harsh made a ball, think back to my brother in the next Buzhao the bar, Who would have thought my brother to shoot feathers waved gently put the ball back on the bomb, I was scared the life out a result, the ball or the floor, and I lost one point, his brother said: "This will be aware of my fiercely bar! hum!

  Not willing to come back ! I was not afraid of you then! "I'm thorough service, and his brother too much.

  端午节作文英语50词300字 篇8

  Today is 61 Children's Festivals, my early gets up, eat a meal, went happily going to school, to class when, I see inside opening TV, run to class hastily inside, sit quietly to look, not a little while, the teacher calls us to move the chair, we began to move, arrived rock-bottom, I see in front placing an arena, we had moved the chair, sat to come down, before long, whole ground floor is a person, I sit inter, within an inch of is crowded flat, because the person is really too much. 61 congratulatory ceremony began, there are a few teachers on arena, still have a fellow student above speech. A little while, the classmate of Pu cropland city also comes to our school, we welcome them with enthusiastic applause. Began to perform, a lot of classmates agitato stood up, make I was lost sight of, perform everybody to want to applause, and applause is very resonant. It is to play game next, some classmates were washed out too quickly because of speed, really regretful, between the process that plays game, a classmate at the back of me tosses paper to me here come, just was seen by the teacher, call him to go on the floor pick up of a piece of a piece of ground comes, this calls be apt to to have cable of be apt to, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, ah. Today's program was finished, the teacher says with us: "Want to hold pleasance activity afternoon, everybody should get ready, certificate of merit also is afternoon reappearance. " what meaning is pleasance activity? We go to school afternoon, the table that sees us runs to the side, be to should play game so, when attending class, the teacher prepared a lot of ping-pongs, use those who play game, the first group game regulation is: Use 3 ping-pongs to cast in the case, in casting even if win. The 2nd group game regulation is: Take bat of a ping-pong, a ping-pong is above, put the table tennis ball in ping-pong bat above, should from pass among two chairs, who holds to terminus, who calculates win. Began to play, I play the first group first, took 3 table tennises, I begin to cast, the first ball was entered originally, but be received,that classmate of the ball gives catching, I ask this ball does not calculate the teacher, the teacher says not to calculate actually, if calculate can get a candy. I walk along the 2nd group disappointedly, but I took one step only, the ping-pong drops. I play again, but they had not begun to play, we waited a little while in the doorway, began eventually, we rush at once, come to 3, their game regulation is: Cover the eye, informal in front a place draws a circle, if this classmate walks into that circle inside the time of 10 seconds, even if won. There are a few fellow students before me very fierce, go in, when be turn for me, the teacher quited sport, she says: "Did not play, very tired. " I answer a class, on stair, I say alone: "How to meet such, be turn for me, did not play unexpectedly? " return class in, the teacher prepares award prize account, the teacher sends the certificate of merit of 3 good students first, I am thinking all the time: Be sure I also am 3 good students. As a result I became 3 good students as expected, I am too excited, the teacher still grants me articles for use of a bag of study, I return a seat to look, it is to write belt of diarial notebook, small staple, stationery, pen, rule, semicircle to measure feet of measuring implement, triangle to wait so, I looked very glad, effort study just gets this, I want to try hard to learn even later, strive for become 3 good students every year. Still study activist, labor activist, literary activist waits, these classmates have award prize to taste, a classmate got literary activist, but he does not know to ran where to go, the teacher sends a few classmates to look for him, but entire school has searched, also do not have the message of that classmate, at this moment, a classmate found him 4 classes in 2 years, he looks 4 classes in 2 years " calabash child " cartoon, tell a teacher immediately, say: "Teacher, that classmate looks 4 classes in 2 years " calabash child " cartoon. " before the teacher calls that fellow student teacher range, come, say: "Be award prize shape important still look " calabash child " is cartoon important ah? If if want,looking from now on you attend class 4 classes to 2 years. " that classmate feels very feel embarrassed, do not say to gave a word to come, the teacher says: "This certificate of merit is withheld first in here, if had been behaved after you, certificate of merit sends you, if behave bad word, send expression good fellow student. " classessed are over, I am returned this thing says with the person in the home in the home, everybody says: "Study is good, we also want award your award. " award of little mother's brother my pen box; Grandfather and grandmother award my shoe; Award of big wife of mother's brother my chocolate; A friend of big mother's brother is a teacher, his award my UFO is labyrinthian, I am too glad really.